Get more features. Get more done.

Developed for recruiters by recruiters who understand the time-urgent nature of the industry, Recruit 360 is loaded with features that will make running your business easier and earn you more placements. We have not only done away with time-wasting duplication and unnecessary processes; we have harnessed the interactive ability of people today. Save time, reduce costs and make more placements with Recruit 360.

Client Management

Create new clients and maintain existing clients in a few easy steps in our fully integrated client management system. Our CRM system is timestamped to record the date and time of each interaction with individual clients, and the reader-friendly client overview screen allows real-time access to the current status of each client, listing consultants’ notes, open vacancies as well as candidates’ shortlisted for each vacancy. An integrated diary system lets consultants set follow-up reminders that remain marked “incomplete” until marked as “complete”.

Candidate Management

Candidate management made easy! Our fully integrated candidate management system is easy to use, requiring only basic information to add a candidate to the candidate database. This allows consultants to build a candidate profile as they go along, not only saving time but also ensuring that candidates are loaded into the system and don’t get overlooked. The candidate database allows for detailed searches, matching candidates to vacancies, storing multiple attachments for each candidate, and the creation of referral CV’s.

Vacancy Management

Create new vacancies in a few easy steps and manage existing vacancies with ease. New vacancies created on the system can be simultaneously posted to your website and selected job portals. Effortlessly follow the progress of applications, regrets, candidate conversions, agency interviews, shortlisted candidates, CV submissions, client interviews, candidate assessments, telephonic interactions, job offers and client regrets. Also, access timestamped consultant notes in real-time.

Job Applications

Create a single job ad on the system and post it simultaneously to your website and integrated job portals of your choice. All responses to job ads are automatically fed back into Recruit 360 and linked to your vacancy response box for processing. From there, applicants can be either regretted or converted to the shortlist for the vacancy. We use your profile data to build a branded CV template. For shortlisted candidates, information supplied by the job portals is automatically utilised to build a candidate’s profile. This gives you instant access to a branded downloadable CV.

Easy to use CV Builder

No more time wasted typing referral CV’s. Our system compiles all the necessary candidate information as you go along. The system has a handy inbuilt spellcheck to ensure the presentation of CV’s is professional, as well as a tracking system that prompts consultants for crucial information that is missing. Consultants can contact candidates directly from the system while they are working on the profile to ask for missing information. Once a candidate profile is fully complete the CV builder allows you to create a referral CV with one click.

Job Seeker Database

Your existing website can be fully integrated with the Recruit 360 software, allowing the details of job seekers applying directly to be uploaded to the system. Consultants’ can review the applications and decide whether they are a match for current vacancies, whether the job seeker should be converted to a candidate in the candidate database, or if they are unsuitable and must be regretted directly via the system.

Job Portal Integration

Posting vacancies to job portals has never been easier. While you create your new vacancies on the Recruit 360 system, you can automatically post to integrated job portals. You select the job portals of your choice, and we will integrate them for you. All responses via the selected job portals will automatically feed into your Recruit 360 system for processing.

Cold Calling & Lead Management

Take control of cold calling and lead management with Recruit 360. Our comprehensive database system allows you to add new prospects and manage existing clients. Our database system is timestamped to record the date and time of each interaction with individual prospects and existing clients in real-time, and our integrated diary system allows consultants to set follow-up reminders that remain marked as “incomplete” until marked as “complete”.

Online Submissions

Candidate referral CV’s can be submitted to clients online directly from the candidate profile page. No need to close and save referral CV’s and send them via your email system. At the click of a button you can send referral CV’s to your clients, and simultaneously the integrated Recruit 360 system will update the client and candidate portfolio with the details, including the date and time the referral CV was sent out.

Shortlist to Job Offer

Recruit 360 allows you to manage all shortlisted candidates, client/candidate interview, offers of employment and placements from within each candidate profile. No more moving between folders and files to set up client/candidate interviews, manage offers and confirm/bill placements. Our fully integrated system also simultaneously updates the client and candidate portfolio with timestamped information that is available in real-time.

Live Online Chat Support

Our live online chat system is available to clients and candidates to get you in touch with our support team in real-time. Whether you have a technical or operational problem, just a quick question, or if you are uncertain about something we are online and ready to help. Our support team even welcomes your suggestions!

Task Management

Out with separate diaries when you have Recruit 360 on your desktop. Our fully integrated system allows consultants to list tasks while they are interacting with, or working on client or candidate portfolios. The system allows consultants to simultaneously set reminders that are listed on their dashboard as either “complete” or “incomplete” until the task is done. All tasks are timestamped for reporting and management purposes.


There is no need to keep a separate notes system when you use the Recruit 360 system. Our system is fully integrated and allows consultants to make notes while they are interacting with clients and candidates. All notes are timestamped for reporting and management purposes.


The Recruit 360 system has an unlimited cloud-based repository for safe and secure attachments to client and candidate profiles. All attachments are available at a click and stored in their original format.