Welcome to Recruit 360, South Africa's most powerful recruitment system

Developed for recruiters by recruiters who understand the time-urgent nature of the industry, Recruit 360 is loaded with features that will make running your business easier and earn you more placements.

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Integrated solutions designed for the fast paced recruitment industry

Use flexible tools that go where your team goes. Your data is safely stored in the cloud.



Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with real-time stats, dashboards and reports that make managing and growing your business easier than ever before.



Tools that help you manage your desk. Meet and exceed your monthly targets with the right tools to do all your work in one place. Set reminders, create notes, send or schedule SMS’s and much more.



With your own mini company career portal, you can now attract the right candidates for the jobs you are recruiting for directly from your company website. It’s never been this easy to register and apply for jobs.


Customisable options.

Recruit 360 is customisable to your specific business needs. Talk to us about options for customisation.

Easy onboarding, fast adoption.

With Recruit 360 getting your team on board is as simple as sending an email.

Bring your data with you.

Are you currently using another system? No problem, our team is able to assist with data migration. Please contact us for more details.

Real-time reporting on your most important metrics.

Work is completely different today. Teams are more agile, more collaborative and drive innovation faster than ever — and the most successful companies have a digital workplace to match.

Recruit 360 is designed with productivity in mind, so you can track and analyze all your data in one central location. Easily track your organisation's goals and progress.

Pricing for every business, at any stage

All pricing packages are backed up by a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • R550
  • Per User Per Month
  • Access to all features
  • Up to 20 Clients
  • Up to 10 Active Vacancies
  • 200 Candidates
  • Job Portal Integration
  • Standard CV Template
  • R750
  • Per User Per Month
  • All Basic features
  • No Limits
  • Customised CV Template
  • Online Chat Support
  • Website Integration
  • Customised Reports
  • Contact US
  • All Standard Features
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Telephonic Support
  • System API access
  • 24/7 Priority Support
* Start-up businesses are businesses that have been in business for less
than 12 months and that have up to 3 users.

“People who succeed in business aren't afraid to hear feedback from their customers - they actually thrive from it.”

Adam Smith

Amazing Features

Recruit 360 is loaded with features that will make running your business easier and earn you more placements.

Powerful Dashboard

Recruit 360’s powerful dashboard makes it easy to see all your most important metrics in once place.

User Friendly

Our system was built from the ground up with usability and user-friendliness in mind. Easy to use, easy to learn.

Smart Reminders

Easily set reminders on candidates, clients and vacancies and don’t ever again forget to do what needs to be done.

Client & Contacts

Create all your clients in one place, upload multiple contacts and select a primary contact for each vacancy.

Candidate Management

Our system has an easy to use CV Builder. Customized CV templates. Manage and track each candidate on 360 with ease.

Vacancy Managment

Manage all your vacancies in one place. Upload attachments (as many as you want – no limits).

Online CV Submissions

Candidate referral CV’s can be submitted to clients online directly from the candidate profile page. Stats are updated in real-time.

Job Applications

All job applications feed back into our system and is ready for online processing. Shortlist, regret and contact applicants straight from the system.

Job Portal Integration

We will integrate your existing job portals with Recruit 360 and job applications will feed back to the system for processing.


Book interviews on the system and optionally send interview notes and calendar entries to both your client and candidate.

Job Application to Placement

Recruit 360 allows you to manage all shortlisted candidates, client/candidate interview, offers of employment and placements from within each candidate profile.

Powerful CV Builder – No more time wasting

Our system compiles all the necessary candidate information as you go along. The system has a handy inbuilt spellcheck to ensure the presentation of CV’s is professional.

To-do & Reminders

Our fully integrated system allows consultants to list tasks while they are interacting with, or working on client or candidate portfolios.


Our system is fully integrated and allows consultants to make notes while they are interacting with clients, vacancies and candidates.


The Recruit 360 system has an unlimited cloud-based storage for safe and secure attachments to client and candidate profiles.

Insightful Reporting

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with real-time stats, dashboards and reports that make managing and growing your business easier than ever before.

Website Integration

Turn your website into your own mini job portal and let Job Seekers register and apply for jobs directly on your website.

Online Live Chat Support

Our live online chat system is available to clients and candidates to get you in touch with our support team in real-time.

and much, much more...

Get ready to discover all the benefits and features of our amazing software.

Recruit 360 enables you to do away with time-wasting duplication and unnecessary processes and harnesses the interactive ability of people today. Save time, reduce costs and make more placements with Recruit 360.

  • Improved productivity.
  • Improved turnaround time.
  • More placements.
  • Real-time Stats.
  • Focus on what matters.
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